With so many interesting and new fitness routines coming up every week, yoga has been a little bit forgotten lately. However, those of us who have been into the bohemian lifestyle know that yoga is more than just a fitness practice, it is a routine that will help you connect your body and soul, and you grow stronger as you complement your lifestyle with the choices that you make every day.

At one point, we have all thought that yoga is not for us. But once you get into it, there are many ways you can apply it to your daily life. It will give a sense of awareness with your body presence all the time, and it will also help you to stay connected to your mind at any moment while being grateful for the experiences you face every day. Among the physical benefits, we can find some others, too. The meditative state that yoga encourages can help when managing stress, depression, and anxiety, as well as enhancing the quality of your sleep.



Another beauty of yoga is that there is always something else to explore: a new variation to try, a different position, another scenario… which can be even the comfort of your own home. Yes, you can do yoga, on your own and at home. The thing is, just like with starting at practicing yoga… is getting the handle of it. You just need a simple checklist and all the attitude you can gather.

Learn your asana. The first thing you need to do is a good research on which specific variety of yoga, or asana, you would like to practice. Read the guidelines for the one you choose and practice the postures and specifics. There are some asanas that can be more challenging than others, like Vinyasa or Ashtanga, according to experts, who suggest a slow-moving variation, to begin with, something like Hatha Yoga. If you need extra assistance, you can always check online instructor to ask questions.

Set your space. When you are certain about the type of yoga you want to practice at home, you need to set the ambiance for the practice itself. It is very recommended that you choose an outdoor space, which will make it easier for you to complete the mental connection that yoga requires. If this is not possible, just look for a place where you can easily move and it has enough ventilation, and prepare some slow music to go with it. Also, make sure you have the basics: the mat, which is essential, and comfortable clothes to make an experience out of this.



Basics for practice. Experts recommend never to practice yoga if you just had a meal. On the contrary, you should always wait a couple of hours after breakfast or lunch. Another very important recommendation is that, as indicated for any workout, you should have a warm-up routine before you start and a stretching one for when you finish. This will prepare your body and prevent any injuries.

Make it a part of you. If you really want to get the benefits of practicing yoga, you should really practice it. Making it part of your routine is essential to adopt the lifestyle that comes with it, and it will let you connect with the practice so you can follow your improvement. Don’t be too hard on yourself either, enjoy the moments you’re doing yoga and forget about the rest of the world.


Beatrice Vojnar