Is summer without a trip really summer at all? I know, we are not in school anymore, but the good weather should be a good excuse to let ourselves have a break from the routine with a little holiday, even if it is just a weekend. Getting out of the city helps you disconnect with the daily pressures of life, and can be extremely beneficial. In a recent study, 94% of over 400 participants on a survey revealed that they came back to work with more energy after a period of vacation, even if it is a short one.

Giving us the time and space to travel is always a good thing. Despite all the cliché messages that one can read about this activity, moving your body, even if it is to a little town 30 minutes from your house. But since it is summer, it might be a good time to explore a few beach destinations that can be perfect for bohemian souls like those reading this blog. They are perfect for a little escape to reconnect with yourself and to get to know different cultures and countries. Are you ready to book your next flight?



-Kauai, Hawaii. We often overlook places that are close to us because we believe we have seen it all, but sometimes we have the chance to rediscover them, and in the case of Hawaii, eco-friendly living can be the way to do it. Kauai has, besides amazing beaches, long hiking trails, a little-known variety of local-made coffee and it’s eco-friendly! The residents have instituted measures like locally sourced food everywhere and limitations on plastic bags. We cannot think about a better place to stay right now.


-Lord Howe Island, Australia. This is another country that we often overlook because of its reputation for great surfer towns and great beaches. However, this island is a UNESCO World Heritage place, and has basalt-stack mountains born from a volcanic eruption 7 million years ago. If you want to a place to discover and go deep into nature, definitely consider this destination in the middle of the pacific, two hours away from Sydney.

-Cabo San Juan, Colombia. Located between the mountains of an ancient indigenous town in the Colombian Coast, Cabo San Juan is the jewel of the Caribbean. Although getting there might be complicated, the three hour drive from Santa Marta (a city with a perfectly equipped airport) will take you to a place surrounded by a natural reserve, in which solar panels create electricity to secure clean energies. Besides the beaches and the walking trails, if you decide to stay your choice have to be the eco-habs, a cluster of jungle huts overlooking the water, from where you can see the starred sky like you would never see before in your life.



-Little Corn, Nicaragua. 50 miles away from the coast of Nicaragua you can find a little Island to which you can access in an hour-long flight and then a boat ride. White sand beaches, picture perfect spots and coconut bread are the main treasure of Little Corn, a place so peaceful that it doesn’t even have cars. It is ideal for a real getaway, one of those times when you want to disconnect from the real world. Can you seriously tell me that doing yoga in this place does not sound like a dream?

Beatrice Vojnar