Ten easy ways to be more eco-friendly

We have been hearing that we have to be more conscious about our planet and how our actions have an impact on the environment… and it’s not something cliché anymore. Environmental damage is a reality that we are facing every day, from climate change to the different species that are becoming extinct all over the world, to the natural resources (such as water) that we are spending or contaminating, even without stopping for a minute to consider it.


Every time we talk about a bohemian lifestyle, we say it also includes living in harmony but not only with your body or the people close to you, but also with your surroundings. By living in a better symphony with every entity around you, you will be able to cultivate a peaceful state of mind, while at the same time taking steps to make amends with earth and try to keep it for a few more years… or decades.

But how do you change your habits into been eco-friendlier? Isn’t that too much work? Do I have to throw away the products I use every day? The answer to that is no, and not necessarily. While it is true that along the way you will realize some products are not worth the damage they cause, cutting ties with them will be a lot easier. In the meantime, you can start with very simple steps that, once incorporated into your routine, will surely be the way to preserve a balance with everything around you, including mother earth.

Less and less water: You have been hearing this one for years, and when you are aware of the amount of water you’re using, you realize you can do much better. Take shorter showers, don’t leave the water running while you are brushing your teeth. It is also a good idea to do your laundry when you have a full load, so you don’t have to do the same thing three times within a week and use much more water.

Take your bag to shop: We often don’t realize how many bags we use in a single trip to the grocery store until we have three bags holding a carton of eggs. Carrying your own bag to the grocery store is a practical way to save plastic and some stores will even give you incentives to do it!

Plan your meals: How many times have you had to throw food away because there are too many leftovers? Reducing waste of any kind is a big step to be eco-friendly, and of course, food waste is very important. Planning your meals will help you to reduce the amount of food you make every day and it will teach you the exact portions you and your household need to be full and not have any leftovers, which in the long run will save you money, too!

Reusable water bottle: Every time you have to leave your house, take a water bottle with you. You can find many cute and practical designs that you can carry in your purse and that will prevent you from buying water every day, reducing your use of plastic, saving you money and helping you reach your healthy water intake of the day.

Turn off and unplug: Moms have been saying this since forever, too. Every time you are not in a room, turn the lights off. It will not only reflect on your electric bill, but it will reduce the waste of energy that has direct effects on environmental issues like global warming. In that same spirit, unplug the appliances and electronics that you are not using, and also turn off your computer for real, not just by closing it.

Buy local: We mentioned this in the post about sustainability, but the reality is that buying local can be done for almost every aspect of your life. If you buy your groceries from a local producer, you are making sure that you are getting products with fewer chemicals, therefore they are products that are contaminating less in the process. And chances are they will taste better and are healthier!

Cloth over paper: Cleaning your kitchen counter (and almost everything else) with a paper towel is so easy and convenient, but it causes so many wastes is hardly sustainable. If you change this habit and replace the towel with a cloth one, you will definitely improve your cleaning and you will spend less on that specific item every time.



Thrift: Some people tend to believe that thrifting is an odd practice, but what some people don’t use can be very beneficial for you! Whenever you have to replace something in your house (furniture, clothes, etc), try to find a second-hand option that will be cheaper and it can also take you to discover vintage treasures!

Unload your car: Did you know that when the trunk or the back part of your car is full it causes more fuel usage? Next time you are in your car take a quick scan and unload the things you don’t need. It will make your ride smoother.

Go paperless: Simple things like paying your bills online will prevent you to have to print them and pay them in the bank or somewhere else. In that same spirit, and although is not the ideal option for us romantics out there, reading in your computer or in another device will reduce paper use, too, especially if you are a student that needs to print tons of readings.

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