It is that time of the year again. The moment in which we have to put away all our linen shirts, our short skirts, and light clothes… and start doing layers and planning outfits with one or two items more. Fall is sometimes the perfect transition time for us to start getting ready for the cold, but it is also the time of the year when the fashion calendar changes when the trends pivot towards darker colors and thicker textures, just to protect ourselves…

We have spoken many times about how boho is a lifestyle, one that gets a fresh breath of air every couple of seasons and remains timeless. This fall, boho is still relying on those basic pieces that you can wear all year round, but with beautiful details that emerge from time to time. If you are considering a few additions to your wardrobe, coming this fall, or if you are expanding your bohemian pieces, this list will help you get those items that are going to become your new statements and the new basics of your closet that will never get old.

Play with neutrals: As soon as it gets a little chilly, people move to darker colors. It is not just a trend or an instinct, the reason behind this is that light-colored fabrics (such as white) reflect the light and bounce it, while the dark ones absorb it, making you feel warm, something you certainly don’t want over the summer, but that is appreciated as the temperature goes down. However, black is not as much as a neutral for boho as we can say of others like tan, which evolves in darker shades of chocolate brown; and navy blue, as well as other playful tones such as blush pink and olive green. Make these the base of your look and work it from there with accessories.



Fringes: We have seen them everywhere lately and, unlike other seasons in the 2000s, looks like fringes are staying for at least one more year. The good news for us boho souls is that they go perfectly with the wild spirit of our style, and they are a great addition to your bohemian closet. If you are thinking about just starting with fringes, take them in small doses: accessories like a jacket or your ankle boots are a good way to start, and then you can move on to something like a vest. Of course, if you want to go full on, we support it.

Elaborated embroidery: The best part about wearing boho is that you get to discover the work of artisans from all over the world. Embroideries are part of the DNA of this style, and they’re a constant in home decor and fabrics, which immediately puts them in the map for our fashion choices. This season, look for rich embroideries in a deep blue or olive green base, in pieces that range from dresses to intricate works of art in jackets, shoes or bag. The biggest tip with items like this is to let them shine, something you can do by playing simple options for the rest of your outfits.

Dresses and more dresses: that loose midi dress that you use during the summer can still have a chance in your fall options. For this new approach, think about dresses with a drop waist, those that remind you a peasant dress or something straight out of the little house on the prairie. For colors, you can go either with the neutral option or give a stretch to your spring florals, but also explore an option that has been in the background for a couple of weeks: patchwork. Mix them with your favorite boots (we will talk about them in a minute) and your trustful denim jacket.



Trust your ankle boots: They have been part of the boho playbook for so long that they are definitely a must-have, and we love them for that. This season, invest in a good pair of ankle boots that are going to do wonders with all your outfits. The safest options are black and tan (which are the investments we encourage you to make), but this year is also giving a chance to mauve and other colors with more of a pink undertone. This last option, however, is something that might not be the best for a long-term investment. Look for materials that look durable and timeless: like suede or faux leather. You might be on the way of getting your next treasure!


sylvie hall