It is safe to say that most people start the new year by making resolutions in order to improve in different areas of their lives. Most common promises are to eat healthier, to work out more or to reconnect with those who have been out of reach for a while. However, it is also safe to say that most of these resolutions die as soon as they are born, because they lack depth and, more importantly, they lack a true intention of change.

So what if, for 2019, we don´t start with resolutions, but with truly meaningful purposes to incorporate good things into our lives? Stop with the whole dieting thing and, instead, focus on eating clean with a purpose and keeping a journal of your meals and progress. The point is being conscious of what you want to achieve and try to pursue a larger goal than just a couple of pounds less in your scale.

How can you start a new year with purposes instead of resolutions? Start by digging deeper within yourself. Have you always wanted to start taking more care of yourself at the gym? Don’t do it because you have the wedding of your friend next summer, do it because you want to look good for yourself. Do you want to try yoga or any other discipline because it’s trendy? Try harder, and look for something you can really connect with. In general, it is all about following steps, some that we lay out here for you to have a very mindful 2019, full of personal achievements.

Beatice Vojnar