I know… its “groundbreaking”. Flowers are always a great trend every Spring, they have become that one print or shape that you must have in your closet. Sometimes it’s a print, other times an accessories.



For Spring 2018, we find an interesting way of using florals. Either painted or embroidered, hand-application techniques have become a great resource to express your love for the season in your clothes. In the new collection that we reveal to you a couple of weeks ago on another post, we talked about how important the Victorian inspiration was for our new pieces, combining the delicate feeling of lace with other fabrics and the work of our favorite artisans from India.

In the spirit of our bohemian nature, we also paid tribute to flowers our own way. On this collection, you can find our own representation of florals, in both embroidery dresses and boho prints. The formers are a more traditional, colorful way to drive the attention to the intricate work of your clothes, while you welcome the warmer weather and the spirit that drives the joy of the year. The latter, on the other hand, represents a subtler way to use florals, while you combined them with other pieces of our wardrobe and use them any other time of the year.

However, part of living a boho lifestyle is to understand that trends are just a useful guide to someone with style and you should feel free when using floral print (or other representations of these) any time of the year. While wearing them, you can blend them with your own closet or just let them stand out alone, depending on the style you choose. If we are talking about embroidered flowers, the best decision is to be your best floral self.




A piece like our Elysia or Julia dresses, as well as the Charlett tunic, are perfect to make a happy stylish statement with your clothes, so you can either go down the neutral path (with shoes and accessories) or complete the colorful look by expanding the palette. How about taking one of the colors of the flowers (red, blue, or pink) and choose your accessories along? Spring calls for colors, and you can choose bright shoes or pants to complete a bold look. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a smaller print with a tunic like the Bella Wrap or the Kayla dress, chances are that the print is all over the piece, making it a stunning piece on its own. In cases like this, a good idea is to let the attention go to the beautiful print. Tan tones will be your best friends: go for nude, cream, or other clear colors to go with your bag or shoes. And what about a gorgeous hat for the sunnier days? And the best insider tip for the trend of the season: denim. Can you picture a floral top with your favorite pair of jeans or that new denim skirt you’ve been dying to try?



Flowers are the best way to welcome the new weather and season. And as you put away your coats, hopefully for a while, you’ll begin to enjoy the new ideas for your most colorful looks. Enjoy!

Beatrice Vojnar