When browsing options for clothes, one cannot help but notice that most of the garments we are being driven to these days are meant to focus on the fit and the slim silhouette. Bodycon dresses and tops, skinny jeans and fitted pencil skirts are just a few examples of what I’m talking about. It is almost as if the entire world is telling you to fit your body in a form that is not going to let you breathe or move in order to look ‘sexy’.

For me and the spirit of my brand, freedom is a key element. We don’t believe in sticking with one bodily ideal or one silhouette, because you should have the option of wearing what you want in any way you want. That is also why we feel so connected with the bohemian style, full of pieces that let your body be free while looking adorable and wearing garments with a meaning.



A loose silhouette of a dress will not only give you the chance to feel less stressed about your body being exposed to the world, but it will give you more possibilities to explore when it’s time to mix and match with other elements of your outfit. And the best part is that you can add some elements when you want a certain look to be more fitted and will still retain the spirit of freedom.

However, learning to balance proportions is not just about throwing in an oversized piece, it is a matter of keeping in mind that you should dress your body for the size that you have, no matter if you are going for fitted or loose. An outfit with an incorrect size does not look well on anyone, and that is a rule we all must follow. We also think it’s useful to have these recommendations in hand when trying to dance with proportions.

-Don’t overdo it. As we said before, it’s not just about throwing a big piece on. Oversized outfits have a certain charm, but only when done correctly. Going three sizes more than your own is definitely not the way to go, because it will make you look like you put no effort in your outfit or, even worse, that you borrowed someone else’s clothes. When choosing a loose piece for your body, make sure it still looks and feels like it’s part of your look and not a random choice. This is, even though is a loose piece, make sure some areas like the arms (for tops) and the waist (for skirts or pants) still fit perfectly.

-Two equals or one each. The ‘rule’ for body proportions says that it’s important to keep a balance and wear a piece that is loose and another that is fitted. However, we’ve come to realize that two loose pieces can make a spectacular outfit if we consider the important parts it should be fitted in. Think about our Bella pants paired with our Elodie Tunic for an assemble with beautifully loose proportions, or a maxi dress with a cardigan for these days where you can’t be sure of the weather. If you are not into having a part of your body as a focal point, then you can follow the one-and-one rule: if the top is fitted, wear the bottom loose and vice versa.

-Accentuate. The best part of wearing something that has distance from your body is that you don’t have to worry as much about your clothes to be unflattering. However, we should never forget that clothes are very powerful if we use them to not only cover your body but to accentuate our best features. Make a reading of your body type and learn about which neckline, dress or skirt length, and type of sleeves are good for you. That would be the basis for you to explore all the different possibilities of your wardrobe.


Beatrice Vojnar