Part of living a bohemian lifestyle means to take more advantage of the gifts that mother nature gives us every day. One of them, of course, is  food. When we eat healthier we're giving our body what it needs, and not a bunch of things that are not going to be good for the future. We must be clear here, we are not talking about sizes. You can live happily in any size if you have a good healthy food routine.



I'm sure you are now thinking: “are you suggesting I go vegetarian?”. Well, no. However, it is proven fact that a vegetarian/vegan diet is a healthy chance to give your body a constant detox, not to mention to take advantage of all the nutrients coming from really good food. But I do understand that leaving animal protein behind is not an easy task, so instead of asking you to turn to the greens immediately, we have come up with a list of tips that are going to help you to 'clean’ your food routine, and will hopefully result in a more conscious, delicious diet.


-Start with the basics. A healthier diet has only one start point: fruits and vegetables. If you want to get more benefits from nature, you have to grab what it has to offer you. Most fruits and vegetables have great nutritional value, with important components like fiber and vitamins. Pick your favorites and try to increase the frequency of your intake during the week, try to make them part of your routine with salads or snacks, but the most important thing is that you embrace the change so it won't become a difficult task for you. Sooner than later, you won't remember why you didn't do this before.


-Creativity is key. After you decide to eat cleaner, it’s time to get organized and creative. And yes, you can be both at the same time. The first can come from deciding which meals you are going to eat on a regular basis, the ingredients, and your food schedule, which is very important for creating a routine. The latter is the touch you are going to add in order to make this journey fun and interesting. There are hundreds of healthy blogs out there, with recipes anyone can make. My suggestion is that you make it fun, so the preparation time comes to be your favorite part of the process. Well, before you eat.


-All natural. It's easy to get confused with all the information available on food, so it's very important that you get informed and learn how to read labels and ingredients. Sadly, most of the fruits and vegetables in the market come from not-so-clean sources, like farms where they have chemicals and more, while the products that are supposed to be healthier are packed with incredible amounts of sugar and other unnecessary additives. Look always for the less processed possible, visit your local farmers market and ask questions, they will be happy to guide you.


-Water, water, water. It is incredible how many options we have to not drink enough water during the day: sodas, sparkling water, flavored water, bottled tea… And so on. As much as it is nice having options, we have lost the habit of drinking basic, plain water, even though it is the most beneficial drink in the world. Try to train yourself back to it without adding sugar or any artificial flavors. Your body will thank you.


-Everything in moderation. It is safe to say that all these tips are simple advice for a healthier routine, but no one will achieve a major change overnight. If you want to go vegetarian or change your habits start with small steps. Don't try to do it all at once because it won't be easy or pleasant, and don't punish yourself if you indulge on something that was not on the plan (as long as it is small). With time, you'll notice that the change doesn't feel like a stranger anymore and that you are totally adapted to your new routine!

Beatrice Vojnar