A new season has officially started! Actually, it technically started a few weeks ago, but it was not until last week that we started feeling an improvement in the weather and in our spirits. Nothing feels better than sunny afternoons and colorful flowers in the street, as we notice how our mood gets a lift and we cannot help but smile more often!



With every new season, there are changes coming, too. In the past weeks we told you what this Spring brings for your wardrobe and your favorite boho pieces (if you missed it, you can catch up with the floral trends here), and today we are going to give an easy guide to welcoming the Spring with a renewed skin and a new attitude. We incorporate natural elements that not only make you feel rested but also make you joyful and connected to your spirit, ready for the new adventures of Spring.

Are you ready to dedicate a weekend to welcome the warmer weather and do a little pampering? Here are some tips that will make you feel like you are a member of the most luxurious spa, in the comfort of your own home:

No rush allowed. If you are going to do this, allow quality time to do it. It does not have to be an entire day, it could be as easy as a facial for 20 minutes. The important thing is that you give yourself the time to focus on that activity for as long as you are doing it. Turn off your phone and allow yourself some minutes of peace and quiet, just connected with your mind. If music helps you to relax, pick some songs and let them play at a low volume in the background. If you are into meditation, you can have a few minutes to do that as the ingredients of your face mask sink in, and your skin absorbs every nutrient.



Simple treatments, enhanced: you can create a whole day of spa with simple treatments and ingredients that you can get at your local store. If you have the luxury to spare a day or a weekend for it, don’t hesitate and take it. You don’t have to go crazy with treatments. Just a few easy ideas would be enough. A nice pedicure, a deep conditioning treatment, a facial… make a day of it and enjoy it, that is the point. Think about it as an experience instead of just something that you have to do and compliment it with your other habits. The day of the spa, for example, have a nice clean breakfast or a healthy lunch, and don’t forget the water with pieces of fruit in it… just like at the spa!


All-natural. In many posts, we have stated the importance of choosing natural components in everything you do: clothes, food, and even spa. When choosing the products that you are going to use, always prefer those that are natural and avoid pre-packaged products as much as possible. Do a little internet research and find out which ingredients work better for your skin type so you can have a nice face mask or a great exfoliator (tip for the simplest exfoliator ever: get a bowl and mix a little bit of your moisturizer with brown sugar. It will do wonders for your skin). When you find out the benefits of certain products of nature, you would never want to go back!

Repeat as needed. When you realize how easy and satisfying it is to take a couple of hours for yourself now and then, you will find space to do it often. Keep searching for new home-treatments or natural ingredients to try on your skin or hair. Feel free to schedule a home-spa as much as you need it and treat yourself without regrets. It will make you a much happier person to face the world with an even bigger smile!

Beatrice Vojnar