Cora Printed Long Dress Patchwork Purple



Introducing our unique and eye-catching Cora Printed Long Dress with Patchwork in the stunning color of Patchwork Purple. Made from 100% Indian cotton and crafted in India, this dress is a true representation of bohemian style and culture.

The patchwork design adds a touch of creativity and individuality to the dress, making it stand out from the rest. Each piece of fabric used in the patchwork is carefully selected and stitched together, creating a beautiful and one-of-a-kind pattern.

Available in sizes SM and ML. The S/M length measures 44 inches/112 cm, while the M/L length measures 45 inches/114 cm. The S/M chest measures 17 inches/43 cm, and the M/L chest measures 18 inches/46 cm. Both sizes have a sleeve length of 23 inches/58 cm.

Make a statement and embrace your unique style with our Cora Printed Long Dress with Patchwork in Patchwork Purple. Perfect for any occasion, this dress will surely turn heads and make you stand out in the crowd.